WWE NXT Stars Secure Final Spots in Deadline's Iron Survivor Challenge

Tonight's NXT kicked off with the Men's Iron Survivor Challenge Wild Card match, which would be followed by the Women's match later in the night, and thanks to both we now have our final lineups for the first-ever match of its kind slated for NXT Deadline. For the Men, it was Von Wagner, Andre Chase, and Axiom dueling it out for the final spot in the match, while for the women it was Indi Hartwell, Wendy Choo, and Fallon Henley. Chase would come this close to winning the spot but it would be Axiom taking that honor, while for the Women it was Hartwell who would get the win and secure the final spot in the match at Deadline.

At several points throughout the men's match, Chase and Axiom would work alongside each other to knock Wagner down a peg, but he would display his impressive power throughout, grounding both of them and keeping them at bay. Chase and Axiom would manage to knock Wagner out of the ring and Axiom looked poised to take the win, but Chase got the better of that exchange, only for Axiom to kick out at the last minute.

Wagner came back in like a wrecking ball only to get locked up by Axiom, though he would hit a powerbomb with Axiom on top of Chase and then slam Chase down, but somehow Chase kicked out. Wagner would pick up Axiom but Chase go to his feet and knocked both down, and then he went up top. Wagner got knocked down and the Axiom came in and connected with a kick, and he would cover Wagner and get the win.

In the women's match, Hartwell was the aggressor, slamming down both her competitors and even going for a cover, but soon Henley and Choo would come back with offense of their own. Hartwell would get knocked down by both stars again, and then Hartwell came back by almost pulling off a double pin. Henley would then get a big opportunity by knocking down both her opponents, but Hartwell would knock her to the floor and regain the upper hand.

All three would get back in the ring and they all traded suplexes and hard strikes, and Choo was on a roll at one point, but she got caught by Hartwell with a spinbuster, though Choo kicked out of the pin. Hartwell and Henley went at it next, but then Choo came in and slammed both down. At this point, the three traded pin attempts but all were kicked out of, with Choo getting incredibly upset at the near falls.

She hit a splash on Henley but Hartwell threw her out and hit Henley from behind and went for the cover, and she won the final spot in the match.

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