WWE NXT's Carmelo Hayes Retains but Sets Up DIY Reunion at WarGames

The main event for tonight's NXT 2.0 was a match for the North American Championship between Champion Carmelo Hayes, Johnny Gargano, and Pete Dunne, and because it was a Triple Threat, anyone can pin anyone to become the new Champion, regardless of if Hayes is involved. Hayes started things off by dropkicking Dunne out of the ring, and then Gargano quickly came in and did some damage to Hayes. Hayes knocked down Gargano and then Dunne was back in to knock Hayes down and battle it out with Gargano as they countered each other's holds and submissions.

Gargano and Dunne had an almost mutual moment of respect after successfully dodging each other's moves, but then Hayes came in and knocked them both down. Hayes kicked both and then kept Gargano down with more kicks. Dunne went for Hayes' leg and started twisting, but Gargano broke it up. Then Dunne got both of their legs and started twisting, and successfully got them both in the hold.

Trick Williams started dragging Hayes out of the ring, and then Gargano kicked away Dunne. Gargano worked a wrist lock and then tried to lock in another hold but Hayes broke it up with a gorgeous leap off the ropes. Hayes pinned Dunne and Gargano in succession but they both kicked out.

Hayes then knocked down Dunne and Gargano but Gargano rallied and slammed both Hayes and Dunne hard to the mat. Gargano then dove into Dunne on one side of the ring and then Hayes on the other, and then took a run around the ring interacting with fans. He made his way over to Dunne and knocked him down hard again.

Dunne came roaring back, bringing down Gargano hard and ten knocking back Hayes. He tried to follow up on Gargano but Hayes sent both down to the mat after leaping over the ropes. Hayes then hit both with punches and chops to keep them down and then picked both up, but they combined to punch him and sent him reeling.

Then Gargano and Dunne traded punches but Dunne knocked him down and then he went at Hayes and locked in a hold on his arm. Gargano broke it up and then met Hayes with a spear. Dunne kicked him but then Gargano hit a DDT. Dunne kicked out of the pin and both took a minute to get to their feet.

Hayes charged into Dunne but missed Gargano, and then both Gargano and Dunne kicked Hayes on the side of his head. Dunne knocked back Gargano and then Hayes knocked him down, and he followed it up by slamming Dunne into Gargano and going for the pin, but Dunne kicked out.

Hayes was livid, and once again he went at Dunne, but Dunne got the better of the exchange with a kick and a stomp to the hand. He stomped Gargano's hand too, but Johnny countered and knocked him down. Hayes went after Gargano but he countered again, knocking him down and then picking him up and throwing him into the turnbuckle. Gargano kicked Williams and knocked him down, and then he evaded a kick from Dunne but Dunne got the Bitter End on Gargano.

He went for a pin but Tony D'Angelo pulled Dunne out and slammed him into the steel steps. That left Hayes free to knock down Gargano and get the pin and the win, retaining his title.

Hayes went to shatter Gargano's hand like he did Dexter Lumis, but then Tommaso Ciampa came out with a chair to help his friend, and then chaos erupted. That left Ciampa to help Gargano up alongside Dunne and LA Knight, and it seems we have one of our Men's WarGames teams.

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