WWE's Paige Sports Platinum Blonde Look

Paige took to social media on Wednesday rocking her best mid-2000s Gwen Stefani look, complete [...]

Paige took to social media on Wednesday rocking her best mid-2000s Gwen Stefani look, complete with platinum blonde hair and a beanie. It's hard to tell if the former WWE Divas Champion actually dyed her hair since the hat covers her roots, but given that she had her usual jet black hair on WWE Backstage and The Bump last week it's a safe bet to say it's a wig.

"I'm Gwen Stefani now," Paige wrote. In just one hour the post had more than 100,000 likes on Instagram and 12,000 views on Twitter.

The look might also remind fans of her biopic Fighting With My Family, in which Florence Pugh (who portrayed Paige in the film), decided to switch her hair to a platinum blonde look to try and fit in better at the WWE Performance Center.

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I’m Gwen Stefani now.

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While on Fox Sports 1 last week, Paige was part of a conversation with various wrestlers about the all-women Evolution show and why a second one still hasn't happened.

"I wish we were able to do another one," Paige said. "I don't understand why it was one-and-done. I was like, 'No we need to another so we can showcase more people."

Renee Young agreed.

"Yeah, we need to have more. It was a success and we have the girls, we have the talent, let's get it going," she said.

She then argued that WWE doesn't have to wait until fans can come back to arenas to make one happen.

"We're doing Backlash, we did WrestleMania without a crowd so, if we want to do Evolution without one, we're good to go," she said.

Later that night Paige voiced her frustration over how WWE had been using the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

"I feel like the tag team championship haven't been utilize to their full potential, considering everyone that's had them," Paige said. "I feel like they're not being defended. I don't think they've been used right, they've kind of been thrown under the rug. They're not being taken very seriously and I just feel like at some point they have to be taken seriously because this is such a big moment for the women's division to have these tag team titles -- instead of just having one championship.

"Now we have a tag team division and we could utilize so many of the tag teams we have, even down in NXT or up in RAW and SmackDown. Bayley and Sasha — they're good, they're solid, we all love them, but let's try and build some other people."