WWE Celebrates R-Truth's Birthday With Compilation of His Funniest Moments

R-Truth celebrated his 48th birthday on Sunday. And to commemorate his special day, WWE released a special video compilation of some of Truth's funniest moments. Truth first arrived in WWE in 1999 as K-Kwik. After being released in 2002 Truth spent a few years in TNA Wrestling before returning to the promotion, where he became a staple of the midcard. Since last May Truth has become a weekly staple of WWE television thanks to the 24/7 title, which he's won a record 32 times. His latest reigns came this weekend, where he traded the title back and forth with Mojo Rawley at a pair of house shows.

Some of the moments in the video include Truth hiding in disguise alongside Carmella, knocking himself out during a face-off with Big Show and pulling out a ladder during a Royal Rumble match, thinking he was in a Money in the Bank ladder match.

Truth spoke with ComcBook in September about how much he and Carmella enjoyed working together for more than a year.

"Man, it just blossomed," Truth said. "It was like a hand in a glove, man. It worked out. She's very creative. A lot of the ideas we were doing was hers. That's in-ring and out of the ring. She very creative, very talented.

"We were just funny and entertaining together and the fans bought into it, and they liked the pairing of us," he added. "It was just like, that cool guy and that cool girl, that was just like that we were friends. We were like partners. Pals. Chums. We made all those words mean something."

He also talked about how saddened the two were when WWE split them up with the WWE Draft.

"I saw her at the pay-per-view, at Survivor Series, and we just hugged each other," he added. "We miss each other. It's still there."


Elsewhere on Twitter, Samoa Joe helped Truth celebrate his birthday by surprising him at a restaurant.