Nia Jax Starts Trending After Bizarre WWE Raw Moment

This week's Monday Night Raw saw Lana finally gain her long-awaited revenge on Nia Jax by shoving "The Irresistible Force" through a table in order to win a Tables Match. But it wasn't Lana's win, nor a post-match save by Naomi that had fans talking on social media afterwards. Instead, it was due to a bizarre moment just before the finish where Jax attempted a leg drop on the apron and missed when Lana rolled out of the way. Jax screamed in pain after landing on the apron, then shouted "My hole!"

Within minutes, that phrase was trending on Twitter. You can see some of the reactions to Jax below:

The rivalry between Jax and Lana started in the second half of 2020 when Jax and Shayna Baszler started outright bullying "The Ravishing Russian" backstage. Lana initially got some payback by being the sole survivor at Survivor Series at the expense of Jax, but it didn't stop the tag champ from slamming Lana through a table for 10 straight weeks.


Lana was initially booked to challenge Jax and Baszler for their titles at TLC alongside Asuka, but was pulled from the match days before with a storyline injury. She didn't return until the Women's Royal Rumble match last month, while Asuka briefly held the title with a returning Charlotte Flair.