Watch: The Undertaker Makes a Surprise Appearance on WWE Raw, Saves Roman Reigns

The Undertaker made his shocking return to WWE television on Monday Night Raw this week, sending [...]

The Undertaker made his shocking return to WWE television on Monday Night Raw this week, sending both Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre packing.

The two booked themselves into a handicap match against Roman Reigns after "The Big Dog" managed to beat McIntyre the night before at Stomping Grounds. Reigns put up a good fight at first, but the numbers gave eventually caught up to him as McIntyre and McMahon teamed up to hit two Claymore Kicks and a Spear. McMahon had Reigns set up for a Coast to Coast, but as he went to the top rope the lights went out and a church gong rang through the arena.

Taker quickly cleared, leaving McMahon and McIntyre in shock as they retreated. WWE announced later in the evening that "The Deadman" would team with Reigns at Extreme Rules to take on McMahon and McIntyre in a tag match.

Since the first night he debuted on SmackDown, Reigns has been locked in a feud with McMahon and his band of cronies. He lost to McMahon in shocking fashion at Super ShowDown thanks to interference from McIntyre, then beat "The Scottish Psycopath."

It's ironic that Undertaker would be the one to rush to Reigns' defense. He obviously has history with McMahon as well (remember their Hell in a Cell match from WrestleMania 32?), but Reigns was the one many believed retired the former world champion after beating him in WrestleMania 33's main event. However what many believed to be Taker's retirement turned out to be a untrue, as he has since wrestled in six matches.

The latest match was a now-infamous bout against Goldberg at Super ShowDown. While many old-school fans were thrilled to see it happen, the bout was littered with botches once Goldberg accidentally knocked himself out during a turnbuckle spot. Undertaker looked visibly disappointed after it was over despite being the winner, while Goldberg felt the need to go online and apologize afterwards.

Many wrestlers have since come to the defense of both men, the latest of which was Kane on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio.