WWE Removes Controversial Line From Roman Reigns' Latest WWE SmackDown Promo

Roman Reigns appeared at the end of last week's Friday Night SmackDown to finally respond to John [...]

Roman Reigns appeared at the end of last week's Friday Night SmackDown to finally respond to John Cena's challenge for a WWE Universal Championship match at SummerSlam. "The Tribal Chief" openly mocked Cena, calling him out for attacking Reigns with the same insults he's used in promos before (even in their 2017 feud leading up to the No Mercy pay-per-view). Reigns then somewhat provocatively compared Cena to the missionary position, saying, "He came out here, the same music, the same entrance, the same run to the ring, the same outfit, the same promo, the same insults. If I wanted that, all I had to do was search online for 2005 John Cena. It's the same thing, over and over and over. It's like missionary position every single night."

Fans noticed on Monday that the replay from that promo had that line cut out, showing Reigns suddenly jump from mocking Cena to he and Heyman laughing about the edited line. You can see for yourself below:

The promo ended with Reigns denying Cena's challenge for a SummerSlam match. He was then approached by Finn Balor, fresh off his return to SmackDown and a win over Sami Zayn earlier in the night. Reigns accepted the challenge from "The Prince," but it was unclear if it would be a title match on free TV or at SummerSlam. Fans will likely remember Balor beat Roman Reigns when he first debuted on Monday Night Raw en route to becoming the first Universal Champion back in 2016. Balor talked about his unfinished business with the title, which he relinquished one night later due to injury, while on The Bump last week.

"Obviously, you know, myself and the Intercontinental Championship, I've had a lot of association recently, but I think me personally, I have a lot of unfinished business with the Universal Championship," Balor said. "It's something that gets brought up all the time. 'What if I hadn't gotten hurt?' 'What if things had been different?' For me, it was the journey and what made me the man today. I'm very grateful for how it panned out. I can't change it. But I feel like there has to be something revisited with the Universal Championship, and that's why I'm back on SmackDown."