Injured Veteran Returning to WWE Soon

R-Truth revealed on TikTok that he will be back on WWE TV soon.

WWE has been missing one of its most tenured stars for almost a full calendar year. During a short stint in NXT, R-Truth suffered a torn quad during a November 2022 match that resulted in him needing two surgeries, that second surgery coming as a result of an infection. Optimism following R-Truth's injury was scarce as all signs pointed to him being on the shelf for a significant period of time. While he is not a main event staple or even a frequent victor in the midcard, R-Truth has been one of WWE's most consistent and versatile performers throughout the 2010s and has cemented himself as a fan-favorite through his recent comedic run.

R-Truth Nearing WWE Return


Taking to his TikTok livestream, R-Truth revealed that he will be returning to WWE very soon. This echoes comments he made earlier this year, as he also used "soon" to describe his return back in April.

R-Truth has been with WWE since 2008. That year kicked off his second stint in the company, as he had a brief run from 1999 until 2022 under the name K-Kwik. His first couple of years in this second run had him mostly competing in multi-man matches and televised singles feuds. Eventually Truth won gold, capturing the WWE United States Championship in 2010.

This led into the biggest year of R-Truth's career. In 2011, R-Truth turned heel and was skyrocketed into the main event picture. R-Truth went on to challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship in the main event of WWE Capitol Punishment. Around this time, R-Truth debuted "Little Jimmy," a sidekick best described as an invisible friend that R-Truth would occasionally have conversations with. 

His 2011 main event run continued into the fall where he and new ally The Miz were heavily involved in an all-encompassing storyline that featured them regularly attempting to sabotage Triple H in his new role as Monday Night Raw General Manager. Collectively known as The Awesome Truth, R-Truth and Miz went on to face John Cena and The Rock in the main event of WWE Survivor Series 2011.

Since then, R-Truth has been a babyface. He won tag gold with Kofi Kingston and the US Title again before setting records as WWE 24/7 Champion. R-Truth held the now-retired title 54 times.

Stay tuned to for updates on R-Truth's return.