WWE Reveals Carmelo Hayes' Next NXT Title Challenger for Spring Breakin'

The main event of tonight's WWE NXT would decide the main event of NXT Spring Breakin' with a Fatal 4-Way match between Grayson Waller, JD McDonagh, and Dragon Lee. A late addition to the match would be Chase U's Duke Hudson after Bron Breakker gave up his spot, and they would all battle for the chance to face Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship at Spring Breakin'. Everyone ended up looking strong in the match, though Lee and Hudson had the strongest showings, and at one point it really looked as if Hudson would take the win. Lee would hit Hudson with a powerbomb and go for the pin, but then Waller came in, knocked Lee out of the ring, and pinned Hudson for the win, sending him head to head against Hayes at Spring Breakin'.

Waller hit Hudson first but Hudson knocked him to the floor and they did battle on the outside while Lee and McDonagh battled it out in the ring. Lee hit McDonagh with a dropkick but he didn't have time to breathe thanks to Waller. Waller went to slam him but Lee reversed it and sent him into the corner. McDonagh kicked Lee in the head and then Waller chimed in, and they both combined on Hudson as well.

They kept up their alliance by trying to lift Hudson, but he reversed it and slammed them both down. Hudson picked them both up and slammed them into each other and then caught Lee and threw him on top. He then charged at Lee but Lee pulled the ropes down and it sent him to the floor. Lee then sailed over the ropes and connected on Hudson outside, and Waller and McDonagh followed suit, knocking Lee down.

Hudson was back in the ring and he decided to try for a dive but Waller caught him and went for a cover, though McDonagh and Lee broke it up. Afterwards Lee and McDonagh went at it and he got the better of JD, though JD returned the favor by slamming Lee into the steel post. Waller hit McDonagh with the same move, and then hit Hudson with a Leg Drop from up top.

Hudson willed himself back into the match, taking stiff punches from Waller. He clubbed Waller and knocked him down before hitting him with a side slam. He sent McDonagh and Lee flying afterwards, and then impressively knocked Lee, McDonagh, and Waller down. More punches hit Waller and he connected on a Senton before hitting Lee with a German Suplex. Hudson went for the cover but Waller broke it up.

Hudson picked up Waller and slammed him down and then did the same to Lee. He went for it on McDonagh but JD reversed it. McDonagh then went over the ropes and collided with Waller before going for the cover, though it was broken up by Lee. Lee went up top but was hit with a roundhouse kick from McDonagh. Lee had McDongah tied up in the ropes and then hit the double stomps before sailing through the ropes and taking out Hudson. Lee lined up for the big knee and covered McDonagh but he somehow kicked out.

Lee kicked Waller but was then hit by McDonagh, and Hudson knocked down Lee and JD next. Hudson had Lee set up but was thrown into the turnbuckle and then thrown into the corner. Lee knocked McDonagh outside and then hit Hudson with a powerbomb only for Waller to go in and stun Lee before covering Hudson and stealing the win. Now Waller will face Hayes at Spring Breakin' for the Title.

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