RK-Bro Drops the Raw Tag Team Championships After Randy Orton Gets Pinned

Randy Orton and Riddle's unlikely reign as Raw Tag Team Champions came to a sudden end on this week's Monday Night Raw as the champs dropped their tag titles to Otis and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy. But in a surprise turn of events, it was actually Orton who wound up taking the loss for his team. "The Viper" attempted an RKO on Gable late in the match, not realizing Otis had tagged himself in. Gable then pushed Orton mid-RKO into the big man, who planted him with a World's Strongest Slam for the victory. 

The loss ends Orton and Riddle's reign at 142 days. The pair won the titles at SummerSlam from AJ Styles and Omos (who recently broke up) back at SummerSlam.

Riddle confirmed in an interview with TalkSport last year that it was actually Orton's idea to form a tag team with the rising star. 

"He was like 'Hey, this RKBro thing you mentioned, it actually sounds pretty cool,'" Riddle said. "And I was like [speechless expression]. Nobody else thought it was cool, the only people who really thought it was cool was Randy and me. So then we pitched it and I don't think it was supposed to have legs or last that long, but kind of like with me and Pete Dunne as the Broserweights, people saw our chemistry together in backstage segments, they know we can both go in the ring for days and here we are."

"Vince [McMahon] loves it," he added. "Bruce [Prichard] loves it. Everybody at the office loves it. The boys love it. They love it so much, they're starting to hate it [laughs]. That's how much they love it. ... It was a team that nobody knew they wanted and now they need it."

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