WWE SmackDown: Edge Becomes Special Enforcer in Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan at Fastlane

Edge hasn't actually been in action in a SmackDown ring for quite some time, but that all changed [...]

Edge hasn't actually been in action in a SmackDown ring for quite some time, but that all changed tonight as he was set to go against Jey Uso for the right to be the enforcer in the Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns match at Fastlane. It was all Edge early on, who hit Uso with several submissions and targeted Uso's arm. Unfortunately, Edge seemed t hurt his ribs and midsection, and once Uso noticed he went right at Edge's weak points.

He threw him into the steel steps and then into the announce table, and the damage was clearly showing.

Uso kept going after the ribs and shoulder of Edge, pulling his arm around the ring post and putting pressure on Edge's ribs. Edge was clearly favoring the ribs and it kept him from whipping Uso into the corner, and Uso capitalized, kicking those ribs again.

Uso went for a top rope maneuver but Edge dodged it and then charged at Uso with his full body, and took some damage to the midsection again. Edge got up first and slammed Uso into the turnbuckle, and then launched from the turnbuckle and hit Uso's shoulder with his knee before going for a pin, but Uso kicked out.

Uso got some space by going for the midsection again and then hit Edge with a Samoan Drop and a pin but Edge kicked out. Edge then managed to knock down Uso and went for a pin of his own but Uso kicked out. Edge then set up for a spear but Uso caught him with a superkick. He then went up for a frog splash but did as much damage to himself as Edge.

He pushed Edge over and went for the pin but Edge kicked out. Edge then hit the ropes and went for a spear and got all of it, and then went for the pin and got the win, meaning he will be the enforcer at Fastlane.

Unfortunately, Edge's victory was cut short as he was speared by Roman Reigns. Roman then taunted Daniel Bryan who was on commentary, telling him to come tap him out in the ring. Bryan went to do just that but Jey ambushed him from behind and then threw him into the ring. When Bryan got up he didn't move much as Reigns speared him too, and that's how SmackDown closed out.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

For the first time in over a decade, Edge returns to action on SmackDown against Jey Uso for the right to be Special Enforcer for Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane. Plus, Sasha Banks defends the SmackDown Women's Title against Nia Jax this Friday at 8/7 C on FOX.

Tonight's card includes:

Edge vs Key Use to become the Special Enforcer at Fastlane

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax (Championship Match)

Big E and Apollo Crews sit for an exclusive interview

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