WWE's Jeff Hardy Delivers Emotional Promo on SmackDown

After the whole urine throwing incident, it was unclear if the Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus feud would ever head to a more...let's call it grounded place. That's what happened on tonight's SmackDown surprisingly, courtesy of a segment where Jeff Hardy spoke to Renee Young about why Sheamus was upset at him and why he was just a bully. Hardy was incredibly genuine and personal here and gave one of the most sincere promos in recent memory, and fans were loving it.

Hardy was honest about his struggles in the past and admitted it has been an issue throughout his career, He was also thrilled to be past a lot of that, and Sheamus represented the next step in his quest for redemption.

You can see part of that promo below.

"@WWESheamus doesn't have a problem with me, he has a problem with himself. He's just a miserable, insecure bully who mistakes my honesty and vulnerability as weakness." - @JEFFHARDYBRAND

Hardy also said that Sheamus is a constant reminder of what Hardy doesn't like about himself.

"@WWESheamus is a constant reminder of what I don't like about myself." - @JEFFHARDYBRAND #SmackDown"

You can find the official description of tonight's episode of SmackDown below.

"Bray Wyatt ends his silence, AJ Styles ushers in his Intercontinental Championship reign, and Mandy Rose joins "Miz TV."

Here's what's on deck for tonight's SmackDown:

Bray Wyatt and Firefly Fun House Return

AJ Styles' Intercontinental Championship Presentation

Mandy Rose on Miz TV


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