WWE SmackDown Reveals Roman Reigns' New Challenger

The main event of tonight's WWE SmackDown was set to decide who would be the No. Contender for the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns' Universal Championship, though an ordinary one on one or triple threat match was going to do. Instead, WWE announced a Black Friday Battle Royal for the No. 1 Contender spot, and it included a host of names, including Sheamus, The Viking Raiders, Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal, Shanky, Drew Gulak, Angel Garza, Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet, Jeff Hardy, Boogs, Cesaro, Ridge Holland, Baron Corbin, and Madcap Moss, though surprisingly it did not include Drew Mcintyre. Out first was Zayn, followed by the Viking Raiders.

Then everyone was in the ring, but they were interrupted by McIntyre, who came down to the ring with his sword and he cleared the ring. He was pissed at everyone and then Adam Pearce came out to address McIntyre. McIntyre said this was on him and told him to make him leave, as he wasn't leaving until he was part of the Battle Royal.

McIntyre ended up leaving on his accord during the break, and then the bell hit and everyone started battling. Reigns and the rest of The Bloodline watched from backstage to see who the next challenger would be, and it wouldn't be Gulak, who was eliminated by Zayn. Holland tried to get rid of Ricochet, but he stayed up and in the fight. Then Mansoor was eliminated by Sheamus after almost getting back up.

Mace lifted Moss but he got away, and Cesaro almost ended up on the floor. Moss was able to get rid of Mace next, while Seamus worked on Hardy. Shanky and Moss went at it, and Moss was able to get rid of Shanky. Cesaro tried to get rid of Moss, but Holland and Sheamus came to attack Cesaro. They lifted him up but he managed to get down.

He was even able to throw over Holland, eliminating him, but then Moss threw out Cesaro, eliminating him. Moss and Corbin then celebrated but when Corbin turned away Moss tried to get rid of Corbin. They joked around but then Corbin picked up Moss and threw him over, though both laughed afterward.

Ricochet managed to get away from elimination while Zayn danced around Sheamus. Zayn survived while Boogs got eliminated by Garza. Garza was next, being sent out by the Raiders along with Carrillo. Sheamus tried to get rid of the Raiders but they knocked him hard to the ground. They lifted Sheamus and tried to throw him out but Sheamus got rid of both Erik and Ivar. Ricochet then went at Sheamus and got the better of their exchange, and then had to defend against Hardy and Corbin, but Corbin hit a clothesline on him.

Ricochet got a lot of punches in on Corbin but Corbin picked him up and hit a Choke Slam on his knee, and then he caught him and tried to throw him out, but Ricochet got back in and hit a missile dropkick. He tried to get Corbin over but Corbin caught his foot, though he then hit an Enziguri. Sheamus kicked Ricochet and then threw him over the top rope.

Sheamus tried to get Corbin out, but he kept hanging on. Then Hardy hit both Sheamus and Corbin, and then Sheamus knocked down Hardy. Hardy caught him with an elbow and then hit the top rope and connected on a Whisper in the Wind, but Corbin tried to get rid of him. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Corbin and tried to get back to his feet.

Sheamus kicked him back down and then went at Corbin. They teamed-up to throw Hardy over but Hardy tried to hold on. Corbin then got rid of Sheamus and then Hardy got rid of Corbin, and that was it, or at least so we thought. Then Zayn, who only went out of the middle rope earlier, surprised Hardy and threw him out over the rope, becoming the actual winner of the Battle Royal and the next contender for Reigns.

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