John Cena, Baron Corbin Hijack WWE SmackDown Contract Signing, Set New Roman Reigns Main Event for SummerSlam

WWE fans tuned into SmackDown to see the contract signing between Universal Champion Roman Reigns [...]

WWE fans tuned into SmackDown to see the contract signing between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his newest challenger, The Prince Finn Balor, and Balor was out first. Balor received a warm welcome by the crowd, and then it was Reigns' turn to approach the ring. After his music hit Reigns came out with Paul Heyman, and the Champion was looking confident as he made his way to the ring. Reigns then had Heyman move his chair to the head of the table, and Balor sat down as Adam Pearce went over the details.

Heyman then gave Reigns the mic as the crowd chanted Cena, and both Reigns and Balor smiled. "We've already seen Mr. Missionary tonight, Reigns said,. "As a matter of fact, Finn, dd you catch his opening promo? You know what he said right? He said by accepting your challenge I'm ducking him. That means he thinks you're a lesser man than him, that's what he said."

The crowd booed. "I'd boo too it's a jerk thing to say. But I don't think this," Reigns said. "I think you're worthy. I think you're worthy to challenge for the Universal Championship, and I think you're worthy to catch this beatdown at SummerSlam. Just for the record. I don't think you're anything like John. You don't come out here and run that tired old schtick. You're hungry. You want it and I dig that about you. So, I have to. say this. If you sign this contract, I'm going to smash you and send you right back to NXT."

Then the crowd chanted Roman sucks, and Balor picked up the mic, saying "You think pretty highly of yourself don't you Roman, and perhaps justifiably so, but it will be my privilege to return to NXT once again Universal Champion."

As Balor was about to sign though he was attacked by Baron Corbin, who threw him out of the ring. Corbin then picked up the contract and went to sign it, but then Cena came down and knocked out Corbin and picked up the contract. He then signed it and filled his name in in front of Reigns, and now they have a match at SummerSlam. Reigns also was absolutely pissed.

Here's the official description for tonight's SmackDown.

After Universal Champion Roman Reigns denied John Cena's challenge in favor of one from Finn Bálor, The Head of the Table will make his SummerSlam showdown against The Prince official, tonight at 8/7 C on FOX.

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