WWE's Sasha Banks Addresses Bianca Belair Attack on SmackDown, Confirms SummerSlam Match

Tonight's new episode of WWE SmackDown kicked off with The Boss Sasha Banks coming out to address [...]

Tonight's new episode of WWE SmackDown kicked off with The Boss Sasha Banks coming out to address her brutal attack on Bianca Belair, which happened after the two had won a tag match and Banks had lured Belair into a false sense of security and friendship. She would turn on her after the match and leave her down on the mat, lifting Belair's Championship title up in the air. Tonight Banks addressed why she turned on Belair after coming out to hug her earlier in the night, and for Banks, it's been a long and frustrating time away from the ring as she watched Belair do everything but pay respect to Banks for all she did for her.

"Bianca would be nothing without me," Banks said. "There would be no ESPY awards, or chilling with Megan Thee Stallion, and no main event at WrestleMania. Did you see it? When she started crying before our match because she was standing opposite the best wrestler of all time. But no, Bianca had to diss me. There was no grattidue coming out of her mouth. When I was sitting at home I was thinking one thing. To make Bianca pay."

Belair would cut her off and head towards the ring, saying "First of all, you're not even going to be standing and talking that when I come and get in that ring. And you think that I'm nothing without you. Girl, uh-uh. Because the last time I checked, you were literally begging me to choose you after I won the Royal Rumble so we could make history together, you and I. So, it's not even that you want credit. You just don't want me to shine. And don't get it twisted, I've been shining and representing."

Banks rolled out of the ring when Belair got in the ring, and Belair taunted a bit. "Oh what are you going to do, take another 4 months off."

"I can do whatever I want whenever I want because when you're a legend, legendary, you always stand out," Banks said, but Belair cut her off, saying "I'll give you that one. You are one of the greatest to lace up a pair of boots, so if you want this, it's on."

Then Zelina Vega came out and had some issues with both. She wasn't having it, saying "Bianca, look at me when I'm talking to you. Is that ugly little braid tied a little too tight? Are you lost, because I can help find you."

Vega reminded her that before Sasha swooped in (like the vulture that she is), that Bianca accepted Vega's challenge, and asked what she wanted to do.

Banks then taunted Belair and asked what she wanted to do. Belair then said that she would see Banks at SummerSlam, and said she would take on Vega tonight.

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