WWE Survivor Series: Bobby Lashley Claims Victory Over Sami Zayn

Though WWE's 2020 Survivor Series has given us some big time events such as the Goobledy Gooker [...]

Though WWE's 2020 Survivor Series has given us some big time events such as the Goobledy Gooker taking the 24/7 Championship from R Truth, Monday Night Raw's Men's Team winning the Elimination Match against Team Smackdown, and the Street Profits pulling off a win against the New Day, the match between the current US Champion and Intercontinental Champion gave us a winner in Bobby Lashley. With Smackdown once again clashing against Raw during this annual event only second to Wrestlemania, Lashley managed to win the match!

Though the match between Smackdown and Raw focused on Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley clashing for each of their weekly events, Bobby wasn't alone as the other members of the Hurt Company were wading around the ring, like sharks waiting to take bites out of Zayn, the current Intercontinental Champion. Though Zayn had his usual big mouth on his side, it wasn't enough to ultimately take down the larger than life wrestler who has been feuding against Retribution, the masked wrestlers that have attempted to take down World Wrestling Entertainment from the inside! Though Retribution didn't show, The Hurt Business was in full effect and Bobby Lashley more than deserved this win.

WWE shared the news on their Official Twitter Account that Bobby Lashely, current US Champion, had managed to take down Sami Zayn, who was attempting to plead the case that the Hurt Company was interfering with the match and thus was ultimately a disqualification, but the referees weren't buying it:

While Bobby Lashley wasn't given the belt of Intercontinental Champion considering the stipulations of the match during this year's Survivor Series, it was still a big win for the wrestler who is clearly the head of the Hurt Business. It will definitely be interesting to see what the future holds for the Hurt Business and whether or not Retribution will be able to create a dent in the armor of one of the biggest teams in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment!

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