WWE Draft Breaks Up The New Day During Smackdown/Raw Draft

In one of the biggest moves of the night, the New Day has not only reunited, but has been broken [...]

In one of the biggest moves of the night, the New Day has not only reunited, but has been broken up between Monday Night Raw and Smackdown! With Xavier Woods returning to the historic tag team earlier in the night, a match between Woods and Kingston against Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro was forged which saw the New Day astonishingly winning the tag team championship almost immediately after reuniting. Unfortunately, the New Day was thrown a curve ball as Stephanie McMahon announced that the three man team would be split between the two weekly shows!

Earlier in the night, Big E defeated Sheamus in their ongoing rivalry, with his victory being celebrated by the surprise appearance of Xavier Woods who rejoined his team mates to bring back the New Day once again after not having been a team for several months.

WWE shared the big news via their Official Twitter Account, noting that Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would be moving to Monday Night Raw while Big E would remain in Friday Night Smackdown, splitting up the New Day following their shocking reunion and victory against the tag team champions of Shinsuke and Cesaro:

The New Day have held the record for holding the Tag Team Championship belts for the longest period of any team of professional wrestlers and with the team being shattered as a result of the draft, it is definitely going to be interesting to see where the story of this trio goes moving forward. As Xavier Woods was injured for most of the year, it was amazing to see both him and Kofi get the belts once again, but the breaking up of the New Day is going to send ripples throughout World Wrestling Entertainment!

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