WWE Wants The Rock For This Year's Survivor Series

With Roman Reigns continuing his rampage as the current Universal Champion of the WWE, it seems as [...]

With Roman Reigns continuing his rampage as the current Universal Champion of the WWE, it seems as if World Wrestling Entertainment might be looking to bring back another member of the family in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for this year's Survivor Series. Having recently beaten the likes of Edge and Daniel Bryan, this could be the long-awaited match that might finally bring Reigns' reign to a close and end his current position as the "head of the table," as many fans have theorized that only The Rock will be able to take down his kin.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that World Wrestling Entertainment is "hoping for" the Rock to return for this year's Survivor Series. The last time that The Rock appeared in the WWE was in October 2019 as a part of Smackdown.

WWE The Rock
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In a previous interview for The Rock's Youtube Channel, Reigns actually stated that he was hoping that the two would square off during WrestleMania 39 in 2023, as this event would take place in Hollywood and act as the perfect venue for the cousins to battle one another for supremacy within their family:

"We'll go to Hollywood for [WrestleMania] 39, and I think it just makes sense. He's the biggest box office attraction for the big screen. So, to be able to take that and match it up with the biggest box office attraction in sports entertainment, I think some magic would be made."

This year will see Dwayne Johnson appear as a part of Disney's Jungle Cruise film, based on the theme park attraction that has long been a part of Disney World. Currently, The Rock is filming his role within the DC Cinematic Universe as Black Adam, the foe to Shazam and something of an anti-hero in the comics. With The Rock's career continuing to skyrocket, it would definitely make for quite the event if Johnson were to take on Reigns during this year's Survivor Series, though we don't know if he would retain the Universal Championship as a result of a potential victory.

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