WWE's Wes Lee Addresses Nash Carter Release in Impassioned Promo on NXT

It's been a rollercoaster journey for WWE's Wes Lee, and he addressed that journey and what all led to this point in his career in an impassioned promo during tonight's NXT. About mid-way through the night Lee came to the ring and talked about the last few months and how he let anger and a need to prove himself take over, and then he talked about what led to that, referencing the Nash Carter release as directly as possible without referencing him by name. It's the most direct Carter's release has been addressed on WWE television to this point, with Lee saying he's been at the high of highs and the low of lows, and how it all went from one extreme to another in such a short time.

Lee said he was sitting high as a two-time NXT Tag Team Champion "with my best friend and my brother just to have our world explode right from under our feet. But I must say, I gotta say that, I wear my tears proudly. Because while my world had crumbled beneath my feet and I'm tearing through things to find myself, all I find is pain and anger, and it consumed me to a point where I wasn't acting like myself, and I apologize."

Lee said "I was just trying to prove myself. I was trying to show that Wes Lee can stand on his own two feet and do what he needs to do." At that point Trick Williams came out and interrupted him, saying to shut up and that no one wanted to hear him talk about it. He also said maybe his boy was gone because Lee left him being.

That didn't sit well with Lee, and he came back with his own responses, which put Trick on his heels. It would appear that this is going to be the seed for an ongoing feud between the two, and this could be a way to move Lee into the North American Championship picture. This would also be one of Trick Williams' first solo feuds if not, but odds are Carmelo Hayes will get involved at some point.

Carter was released by WWE after allegations of domestic abuse were made and photos started circulating online. MSK had just won the NXT Tag Team Championships for a second time days prior, and at that point the Titles were vacated and a tournament was held to crown the new Tag Champions.