WWE's Becky Lynch Gets a New Look

WWE fans have been anticipating the return of The Man Becky Lynch all year long, and it doesn't [...]

WWE fans have been anticipating the return of The Man Becky Lynch all year long, and it doesn't hurt that Lynch has been trolling fans a bit with possible appearances at WrestleMania 37, Hell in a Cell, and Money in the Bank. Her return seems imminent these days though, as reports have said she's actively training for her return to the ring, and a recent Instagram post from her hairstylist gave us a look at her new look, which you can see in the post below.

The caption reads "Shhhheeee's baaaaccckkkk!! Thank you @bellamihair and @goldwellus for the win today on @beckylynchwwe #revivalmane#goldwell#bellamihair#hairextensions#goldwellusa#kerastase"

Lynch's trademark orange hair is alive and well, though it does seem to have a tint of red in it. It looks fantastic, but then again Lynch could come into the ring with a bowl on her head and fans would lose their minds. Thankfully she is not, but we don't doubt she could make it work.

Recently Paul Heyman, who is the advocate for Universal Champion Roman Reigns, talked about Lynch's upcoming return and indicated the biggest challenge with it is sorting through just how many options and possibilities her return creates.

"Becky Lynch is an extraordinary talent," Heyman said. "It would be very easy to write Becky Lynch into the 2022 WrestleMania and the scenario, the match and where'd we go. The most difficult about that, as it will be as I envision it for Roman Reigns or how I'd craft a Ronda or Brock scenario, would be editing it. The flood of ideas for these extraordinary talents who push themselves past their own limitations is overwhelming at times."

"And you can only pick so many different scenarios because you have to let them all play themselves out.," Heyman said. "So coming up with something for Becky Lynch for next year's WrestleMania isn't the problem. What one you decide on is the key. It's paramount to the process. There's an infinite number of scenarios that Becky Lynch would excel in. She's that talented and that willing to push her talent past their own parameters."

It remains to be seen where Lynch will make her return, though SummerSlam or right before it seems a pretty good pick. As for what brand she'll return to, Raw is probably the most logical pick, but it would benefit SmackDown to have The Man on the blue brand, so who knows.

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