WWE's John Cena Will Kick Off WrestleMania 39

Tonight's WWE SmackDown has been quite eventful so far and has already had some major ramifications for WrestleMania 39. Things started out with WWE revealing that John Cena will be kicking off WrestleMania this year, as his match against Austin Theory for the United States Championship will be the first match on Saturday, Night one of the event. WWE also mentioned that Cena has main-evented WrestleMania 5 times in the past, and now he will make sure WrestleMania gets started in the best way possible.

Cena is a 16-time World Champion, and he's already looking to make that 17-time Champ. The two stars have already delivered some riveting promos and sequences on Raw, including one particularly memorable promo battle that had Cena calling out Theory's matches and how the crowd reacts to them.

Cena also added that even if Theory wins the match he still loses, though if Cena beats him, that isn't going to look great. Cena said that even if Theory won, the post-WrestleMania crowd on Raw would eat him alive, and he wouldn't have Cena there to play off of or rely on. As you might expect, Theory had some words for Cena in response, though he didn't express them on Raw.

Instead, Theory addressed Cena's comments in an interview with Chris Van Vliet. "Yeah, I get it. I get it because he wants everybody to believe that I don't have it, that I'm screwed," Theory said (H/T Fightful). "But that is a man that says that because when he looks in my eyes, he knows that I have everything. I do. He has a legacy, he has so much. Everybody knows John Cena, he's the top of the top. I think when he looks at me and sees that I'm 25 and he sees that the level that I'm on and the things that I'm doing and the level that I'm growing at, it can't be touched. It really can't be."

"So you have to look me in my eyes and tell me that if I beat you, that I lose everything. But we all know that's wrong John.. why? Why if it means nothing does he even want to have this match? He wants to have this match because I'm the most important thing in the WWE. It's clear as day. There's a lot of people that wanna sit there and [disagree with that], but then they're gonna have to go 'Okay, Theory's the guy.' They're gonna have to. It's just where we are man," Theory said.

"So, him saying that me winning means I'm gonna lose everything, okay. I can't wait to lose everything when I show up on Monday Night Raw, my show, holding my title because that's inevitable," Theory said. "All of those people that he says don't believe in me, I could care less. Guess how many people believed in me when I was 8 and told them I wanted to be a WWE superstar. Guess how many people laughed at me when I was twelve sitting at the table in school when I told them I wanted to be a WWE superstar. I don't need people to believe in me and I've always shown that. If I don't believe that, I don't think I'd be where I'm at [being] 25 today. So, it is what it is. WrestleMania 39, it's my night. It's my show and I'm gonna own that and show that. That is All Day and that is inevitable," he concluded.

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