WWE's Roman Reigns Conquers Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel With a Twist

It's finally time for WWE's Crown Jewel main event, and it's the long-awaited throwdown between Universal Champion and Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and The Beast Brock Lesnar. After their larger-than-life introductions, it was finally time for the match, with Paul Heyman on the outside of the ring. Lesnar went right after Reigns and they locked up in the corner, but then Lesnar pushed Reigns away. The crowd seemed to be chanting for Lesnar and that threw Reigns a bit, and Lesnar capitalized with huge punches to Reigns' back. Reigns countered with big punches, and then he escaped a Suplex attempt.

They continued to throw punches but then Lesnar tried to hit a German Suplex and Reigns' grabbed the ropes to stop it. A little later though Lesnar finally hit one, but a follow-up attempt was stopped by Reigns by grabbing onto the ropes. Shoulder Charges followed from Lesnar, and then the Beast kicked Reigns down into the corner.

More kicks followed, but then Reigns hung Lesnar up on the top rope and pulled him out of the ring. Then he punched Lesnar and threw him face-first into the ring post. Lesnar then picked Reigns up for an F5 but Reigns grabbed the ring post to stop it. Lesnar reached for his face and climbed into the ring, and that allowed Lesnar to hit a Superman Punch.

It sent Lesnar back down to the floor and the count started. Reigns then leaped atop Lesnar and took him out again, laying both out on the floor. Lesnar got to his feet first and got back into the ring. Then Reigns got back in and hit a spear, but Lesnar kicked out of the pin at 2. 

Reigns hit Lesnar with another Superman Punch and then hit another one, sending Lesnar down o the ground. Lesnar was angry at this through and started to get to his feet, and Reigns went for a spear but missed and ran into the ring post as Lesnar jumped over him.

Lesnar then hit a Suplex and then hit another one, kicking off Suplex City. Lesnar was breathing hard but he was amped, and he went for another Suplex, number 4. Heyman was looking on somberly, and Lesnar picked up Reigns for an F5 and hit it, but Reigns kicked out of the pin.

Lesnar was shocked and picked Reigns up to his feet, then he lifted him for another F5 but Reigns countered into a Guillotine. Lesnar picked him up and hit a SpineBuster, but he was clearly worn down. Lesnar got Reigns on his shoulders again and hit an F5 but he caught the referee in the move, and though he actually pinned Reigns for 5 counts, no one was there to declare the victory.

Lesnar went to get the referee up but then Reigns hit a move and both were on the ground. Paul Heyman then threw the title into the ring, saying he didn't know what to do with it. Lesnar picked up the title but the Usos came in and knocked Lesnar down. Then Reigns used the title to knock out Lesnar and pinned Lesnar, and the new referee coming to the ring counted him out and gave Reigns the win.