Marvel Announces 45 All-New All-Different Series

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    • Rick
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    I'm hoping Moon Knight sticks around. After Ellis left I thought it surprisingly kept the steam going. Also didn't see any sight of Luke Cage or Iron Fist. Maybe a Heroes for Hire return. And as always I hope for a Elsa Bloodstone appearance.

    • Rick
    • 256 Posts in 30 Months

    Also, hey look! The X-Men still exist! Can people calm down now?

  1. more good than bad. so many female lead books!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my marvel pull is going to be HUGE. songbird is back!, mighty avengers is now the ultimates with miss america, scarlet witch finally gets her due, thundra in the squadron, mystique back with the x-men, the illumanati finally has some female members. oh man i cant wait!!!

  2. oh and angela is sticking around, cant forget my girl!!!!

  3. its not carol danvers captain marvel, you even changed miles morales spiderman to just spiderman, why cant sam get the same respect? he's still going under the captain america folder in my collection

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