Deadpool 2 Rumored To Feature Domino

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    • psalm51
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    should definitely have Domino and Cable. I would point out too Deadpool was always Pg to pg-13 since he first met Cable and Domino and the Xforce.. none of that was R-Rated or as over the top as the movie went and he was still entertaining. I got the Marvel Unlimited Subscription so I can go back through all those books to prove it. If these clowns can't make a good movie without the sex and garbage they wanted to fill the first one with, they have no talent or creativity.

    • Hasdi
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    Morena Baccarin is spot on to play Domino. I know that she is already Vanessa/Copycat but combining her with Domino can explain how she is unaware of her mutant powers in the movie. Neena/Domino could be a "sleeper mercenary" who frequents the Hellhouse looking for a job like Wade/Deadpool. Vanessa is just a "cover personality" that Neena shapeshifts into, but the cover is so deep that even Vanessa is unaware of Neena, like her own Tyler Durden. During missions, Neena teammate is usually Cable. This sets up an interesting love quadrangle between Copycat-Deadpool and Domino-Cable. It would be a twist of that R-rated rom-com "Me, myself and Irene", where Deadpool is Irene and Morena plays Jim Carrey's character.

    • CB100189
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    If you don't like it turn the other cheek

  1. I kind of had a feeling they intend to combine Domino and Vanessa into Morena Baccarin's character. At least I hope so, she's a dead ringer for it.

    • GGirl1990
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    I nominate Keira Knightley for Domino! She had played another Domino before and is pretty badass!

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