Batman Vs. Superman Lake House Filming Location Video

Batman Vs. Superman

A NBC station out of Michigan has an interesting update on a shooting location for Batman Vs. Superman. The article title states filming is underway, but the actual news report video seems to suggest it's more just pre-production set work that is being done than actual filming.

As has been previously reported, Batman Vs. Superman will be filming a scene at Camp Metamora in Metamora, Michigan. The scene involves a house that Warner Bros. is building near Otsikita Lake.

What’s particularly interesting about this new report is that it offers a look at a copy of a letter sent to local residents, a glimpse of a paper sign with the word “Sage” on it, and some plywood apparently being used in the home construction.

The “Sage” sign is interesting, because Batman Vs. Superman is reportedly being filmed under the code name Sage & Milo. The construction materials are interesting because it gives an idea of the size of lake house being built. There had been some previous fan speculation that the lake house might be Bruce Wayne’s mansion. However, judging from the amount of construction material, it looks like it will be a relatively small lake house, which makes sense because Warner Bros. would likely rent an existing mansion rather than go through the cost of building one.

It’s likely that the lake house is some type of small hideout, which might be something that gets destroyed in the film. According to the report, the production company has indicated everything will be cleaned up and returned to its original state after production, which could be a clue that the house is being built to be destroyed.

Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on May 6, 2016.