New Poster For The Flash Released, Loaded With DC Comics Easter Eggs

The CW have released a new poster for the series premiere of The Flash, hitting the airwaves on October 7.

And it's loaded with DC Comics Easter eggs.

Here's what we see (minor spoilers ahead for the pilot, since it's already been screened at Comic Con and knowing a tiny bit of information can help make sense of the Easter eggs):

"Grodd lives" in the grafitti on the sidewalk (bottom right). Gorilla Grodd is a classic Flash villain whose existence is hinted at in the pilot.

Big Belly Burger, one of DC Comics's fast-food franchises, which has appeared not onlly in the comics but also in Arrow.

Queen Consolidated's logo is at the top on the right. That's the company owned by Oliver Queen in Arrow.

Wayne Enterprises? That tower on the left has some fans online speculating that it could be Batman's company. While the Dark Knight is not likely to show up in the Arrowverse, where The Flash is set, anytime soon, there is a Wayne Enterprises Easter egg in the pilot for The Flash.

Stagg - More likely, that's Simon Stagg's company, as noted in the comments below (and when you look FOR that, you can kinda see the shape of the letters a little).

Palmer Technologies - Tell us the blurry blob at the bottom left doesn't remind you a lot of the Palmer Technologies ad seen in a previous TV spot for The Flash.

S.T.A.R. Labs appears on the right -- that's the facility where the particle accelerator exploded, giving Barry Allen his powers.

Amertek is a company that employed John Henry Irons, better known as Steel, in the comics. Before being a superhero, Irons was a defense contractor and designed sophisticated weapons for Amertek -- but after he had a change of heart and left the industry, Amertek continues to use his inventions and have even stolen the plans for his armor.

Kord Industries is an interesting one here, becuase we know that Ted Kord was who Arrow wanted for the role that eventually went to Ray Palmer, but that Warner Bros. had other plans for the character. Could those other plans be on The Flash? If so, why wouldn't they just cast somebody who could appear on both?! Kord Industries has been referenced on Arrow a few times.

There are a few other potential Easter eggs we cannot read clearly. What do you see? Did we miss any?

You can check it out above, and the official tweet in which it was released below.

The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a forsensic scientists who is bathed in chemicals and electricity and awakes from a coma with super speed. The series debuts on October 7.

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    • Stevie
    • 221 Posts in 31 Months

    That doesn't look like Wayne Enterprises logo, i could see it being Stagg though. Kinda has an antlers look to it. 

  1. Stevie said ... (original post)

    That doesn't look like Wayne Enterprises logo, i could see it being Stagg though. Kinda has an antlers look to it. 

    Good catch. That same motif was why I saw people speculating about Wayne (the bat-ears thing). I'll add this.

  2. Central City Police Department (building behind the fountain).

    • Sean
    • 8 Posts in 28 Months

    Might be just me, but that looks like a Superman style phone booth on the bottom left.

  3. It says star laboratories you idiot. zoom in and you can see. it definitely does not look like Stagg. but if you were really into comic books you would know. Considering no where in any comic book does it mention anything about Stagg. And considering star laboratories helped flash become who he is. 

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