Creators Of Smash Bros. Project M Mod Reveal Next Game

Through a combination of industry experts and a team with a profound sense of what fighting gamers and seasoned modders want, a new fighting game has been announced by Wavedash Games called Icons: Combat Arena, a title that'll certainly stir up memories of the immensely popular Project M mod.

In Project M, the gameplay of the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl was altered in several ways to make it feel a bit more like its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee. Some of the individuals that worked on Project M have worked together under Wavedash Games to create Icons: Combat Arena.

If the Nintendo element of the Smash Bros. series is what kept you involved in the games, Icons: Combat Arena might not be exactly what you’re looking for. This game won’t feature any of the Nintendo characters; instead, it’ll be composed entirely of completely original fighters. But if you stuck around the Smash Bros. games for their fighting gameplay and liked what was done with Project M, you’ll want to check out what Wavedash has in store with their new full game.

The full reveal trailer for the game can be seen above, but unfortunately for the Wavedash team, reception of the upcoming title hasn’t been too stellar since it was revealed yesterday. Many players have lamented the fact that Project M ceased production a while back, and seeing one of the factors in that decision here in the trailer wasn’t too reassuring for fans of the mod. Over on the official trailer that was uploaded to Wavedash’s YouTube account, the comments have a resounding vibe of disappointment in the project. A couple of glimmers of hope are found within the responses to the trailer, but many are heavily criticizing the art, animations, and sounds, three things that basically make up the entirety of what’s been shown so far.

But YouTube comments are hardly the place to go for serious discussions about the game, and Icons: Combat Arena is having much better luck with the game’s Twitter and Subreddit where more content can be seen, such as reassuring gifs like this one.

There’s no release date scheduled for Icons: Combat Arena, but the game is expected to have a closed beta for PC players soon.