No, The Xbox One X Hasn’t Been Delayed


The Xbox One X got announced last month during Microsoft’s pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference, and despite the mixed reaction based on the high-end price, there are some people that are genuinely excited to upgrade to the company’s most powerful gaming console to date.

That said, there have been some mild concerns within the community that the system would be delayed, thus not meeting its aforementioned November 7th release date on the market. However, when asked about the possibility of delay, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer was quick to respond.

The fan asked on Twitter, “Rumours are spreading that the Xbox One X is being delayed till spring 2018, are you still on track for Nov 7th??” To which Spencer simply responded, “Still on track for November 7th. Feeling good about that date.”

Rumors may have circulated from those that have not been able to get a pre-order for the system as of yet. It was previously noted that Microsoft had not obtained approval from the Federal Communications Commission for the console at the time of its announcement, which did leave a few people concerned, wondering why Microsoft would announce the technology if it didn’t have the official go-ahead for it. That said, it appears that the publisher will work around that issue soon, and pre-orders should open up sooner rather than later.

There has also been some hubbub about Microsoft possibly already working on its next console iteration, which will reportedly make its debut sometime in 2019. The company hasn’t officially responded to that, and likely won’t, considering that the Xbox One is still doing just fine on the console market – and it wouldn’t dare make such an announcement with the Xbox One X on the way.

So there it is. Barring some sort of incident with the FCC or something else in regards to the system’s production, a few of you will be playing the Xbox One X and the many games it supports this holiday season. Granted, you’ll have to pay $500 to get a hold of one, but for some avid gamers that want the best 4K experience out there, it’ll certainly be worth it.