Jonny Quest Movie Sets Up for Franchise Spin-Offs


The upcoming Jonny Quest movie from Warner Bros. looks like it won't just be a one-and-done. According to a new report from Forbes, the film is being setup for a whole franchise worth of films. A new script by Robert Rodriguez and Terry Rossio specifically sets the film up with potential for spinoffs, the report says.

The report also gives some possible directors, or at least directors that Warner Bros. are interested in. Joe Cornish, who wrote and directed Attack the Block, Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond), and Doctor Strange's Scott Derrickson have all been in some level of consideration, though there's no word on if any have shown interest back. There also hasn't been any casting, but Warner Bros. would reportedly like it to go into production this year if possible.

The report describes Jonny's position in the film as "Harry Potter inside an Indiana Jones movie," and says the film could even setup not just more Quest movies, but even a Hanna-Barbera - you guessed it, here comes the buzzphrase of the year - cinematic universe.

With no creative team or actors attached, there's no target release date, either. The film has been in some level of development on a Jonny Quest live-action movie for the last nine years.