Westworld Season 2 Confirmed for 2018 Premiere Date

by Kofi Outlaw

Westworld season 2 seemed like a no-brainer after all the hype surrounding last night's finale, but nothing in the TV business is ever a guarantee until it is. 

However, fans of HBO's latest original series can breathe easy: series star Jeffrey Wright confirmed on social media that Westworld season 2 is happening - but apparently fans will have to wait until 2018 to see it. 

Wright played dutiful Westworld behavior specialist Bernard, who was revealed to himself be a host - one made by park co-founder Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in homage to his late design partner Arnold, who first endowed the hosts with the potential for consciousness. It was a great dual role for Wright, and last we saw, Bernard was bearing first-hand witness to the 'rise of the machines,' as it were. 

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Westworld will return for season 2 on HBO in 2018. 

WestworldSunday at on HBO

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By Kofi Outlaw

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