Shonen Jump Posts Statement Regarding Act-Age's Cancelation

Earlier today, it was announced that Act-Age has been officially canceled in light of its writer's [...]

Earlier today, it was announced that Act-Age has been officially canceled in light of its writer's arrest. This past weekend took fans by surprise as author Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested for allegedly acting indecently towards an underage girl. Now, Shonen Jump has released a statement regarding the cancellation, and its team feels sorry for fans given the abrupt nature of Act-Age ending.

"On August 8th, Tatsuya Matsuki, author of the series act-age, was arrested. The editorial department took this situation very seriously, confirmed the facts, and had a discussion with Shiro Usazaki, artist of the series," the official statement from Shonen Jump's staff reads.

"As a result, it has been decided that the series, act-age, won't be continued. Serialization will end with the publication of Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 36•37 released on Tuesday, August 11th." (via WSJ_Manga)

Act-Age Manga Shiro Usazaki Artist
(Photo: Shueisha)

Continuing, the staff says it feels awful for any fans who are disappointed by the sudden cancelation. However, in light of the crimes alleged and their nature, the magazine felt it did not have any other choice but to cancel the title.

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Not only the editorial department but Shiro Usazaki is heart-broken because of the situation, so we'll support her and give our utmost effort to create new works in the future."

At this time, no new info has been shared about Matsuki and his ongoing case. As for the artist behind Act-Age, fans and professionals are rallying around Usazaki. The talented artist is another victim in this situation as Act-Age was one of their first major publications. Their co-creator's alleged actions have ripped them from a successful series, but given how gorgeous Usazaki draws, fans are confident the artist will find a new manga to illustrate under Shonen Jump before long.

For those still catching up with the unfolding story, the writer behind Act-Age was taken into custody by police over the weekend on charges of acting indecently towards a minor. Matsuki is accused of touching a middle school girl inappropriately after trailing behind the victim on his bike. Police believe the writer targeted another underage girl in a similar fashion earlier in the day, and when confronted by police, Matsuki said there was "generally nothing incorrect" about the accusations.

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