Adidas Announces New Anime Collaboration

Adidas has announced a new anime collaboration with Bocchi the Rock!

It looks like Adidas is at it again! The shoe brand has some of the most popular kicks on the market, and over the years, Adidas has combined its style with anime series like Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball. Now, a new Adidas line is in the works, and it is bringing Bocchi the Rock to a closet near you.

Yes, you read that right. Bocchi the Rock is getting its own line from Adidas. Over in Japan, Adidas released a promo hyping its new anime collaboration, so it put the girls of Bocchi the Rock center stage. As you can see below, the four girls can be seen walking down a busy street, and they are all wearing cute kicks.

(Photo: Adidas)

Of course, these shoes pictured here will come to life shortly under Adidas. The collection will go live later this summer in Japan, and at this time, there is no word on whether Adidas will take it overseas. If not, Bocchi the Rock fans will need to secure their drip secondhand, so be on the lookout!

If you are not familiar with Bocchi the Rock, the cute music anime made its debut last fall. The team at CloverWorks oversaw the series, and Bocchi the Rock earned tons of praise from critics and fans alike upon hitting the TV. Right now, you can binge the anime on Crunchyroll, so you can brush up on Bocchi the Rock thanks to its official synopsis below:

"Hitori Gotoh, "Bocchi-chan," is a girl who's so introverted and shy around people that she'd always start her conversations with "Ah..." During her middle school years, she started playing the guitar, wanting to join a band because she thought it could be an opportunity for even someone shy like her to also shine. But because she had no friends, she ended up practicing guitar for six hours every day all by herself.

After becoming a skilled guitar player, she uploaded videos of herself playing the guitar to the internet under the name "Guitar Hero" and fantasized about performing at her school's cultural festival concert. But not only could she not find any bandmates, before she knew it, she was in high school and still wasn't able to make a single friend! She was really close to becoming a shut-in, but one day, Nijika Ijichi, the drummer in Kessoku Band, reached out to her. And because of that, her everyday life started to change little by little..."

What do you think about this Adidas collaboration? Are you going to pick up this Bocchi the Rock collection? Let us know what you think in the comments below as well as on Twitter and Instagram. You can also hit me up @MeganPetersCB to share your take!