Chainsaw Man Unveils Its Best Blu-ray Bundle Yet

Chainsaw Man's first season is receiving its best Blu-Ray Bundle to date for its anime adaptation.

Chainsaw Man easily earned its place as one of the biggest new anime adaptations of 2022. Following the unique protagonist Denji as he struggled to get a girlfriend and make his meager dreams come true, Studio MAPPA has yet to confirm whether a second season is on the way. Despite the anime's future remaining unclear, Chainsaw Man is set to receive a wild new Blu-Ray bundle in South Korea that might be one of the greatest physical releases for the anime adaptation so far.

Chainsaw Man's first season gave anime fans twelve bloody episodes that dragged viewers kicking and screaming into the supernatural world of devils. Animated by Studio MAPPA, the production house best known for Attack on Titan's final season and Jujutsu Kaisen, the anime adaptation focusing on Tatsuki Fujimoto's world sent shockwaves in the anime world. The initial season saw Denji gaining the powers of the Chainsaw Devil, joining Makima's government institution, and narrowly managing to defeat the Katana Devil. While not yet confirmed for a follow-up season, Chainsaw Man's manga has given readers plenty of storylines that would work quite well on the small screen should they eventually be adapted.

Chainsaw Man: A Bloody Blu-Ray Set

Yes24 has given anime fans a new look at a Chainsaw Man Blu-Ray bundle that will arrive this October. Retailing for a little under $200 USD, the set will include the first season along with artwork, adorable miniatures, and various other merchandise highlighting Denji's surreal series. Fans can pick up this Blu-Ray set on October 6th this fall by visiting the online retailer's website here.

(Photo: MAPPA)

While the anime's future remains a mystery, Tatsuki Fujimoto is continuing to follow Denji via Chainsaw Man's manga. The mangaka has made the risky decision of adding a new protagonist to the Chainsaw Devil's exploits in Asa Mitaka. While it might be some time before we see the War Devil appear in the anime series, Asa might take the anime world by storm once she appears animated by Studio MAPPA.

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