Alita: Battle Angel Poster Debuts At Licensing Expo

Every year movie studios show off what upcoming movies they have coming down the pipeline at [...]

Every year movie studios show off what upcoming movies they have coming down the pipeline at Licensing Expo. The convention, which is held in Las Vegas, kicked off this week and studios came out swinging. 20th Century Fox actually showed off aposter of one of its upcoming live-action anime adaptation Alita: Battle Angel.

Like many posters being shown at Licensing Expo, they do not say much about the film, but there is a quote from the film as well as awesome hand painted font.


The poster may not have a picture but the metallic looking color scheme with the yellow font standing out is enough to excite fans of the original anime. It also features a quote from Alita, the film's cyborg herione, "I do not stand by in the presence of evil."

The film has confirmed many stars for the movie, including Rosa Salazar as the lead. Included in the reported cast include the following:

  • Christoph Waltz as Doctor Dyson Ido, "The cybersurgeon who finds the cyborg (protagonist) and becomes her mentor"
  • Jackie Earle Haley as "a monstrous cyborg in a villain role that will call for plenty of CG and greenscreen."
  • Ed Skrein as Zapan, "a villainous cyborg who is in possession of a weapon called the Damascus blade."
  • Keean Johnson as Hugo, the "love interest" and "a young man who teaches Alita how to play a gladiator-style game called Motorball but who also has a secret side job stealing robot parts."
  • Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as the "cunning and sly friend" of Keean Johnson's character.
  • Lana Condor as Koyomi, an orphaned teenage photographer in the manga.
  • Leonard Wu as Kinuba, a cyborg character in the manga.
  • Marko Zaror as Ajakutty, a Motorball player who also appears in the original manga.
  • Jennifer Connelly as one of the film's villains.
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Gelda.

Alita Battle Angel is being directed by Robert Rodriguez, and produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau. The film is set to release in IMAX on July 20, 2018.

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