Alita: Battle Angel Making Special Appearance At Anime Expo

With the upcoming home video release on Blu-Ray and DVD dropping early next month, Alita: Battle [...]

With the upcoming home video release on Blu-Ray and DVD dropping early next month, Alita: Battle Angel will be hosting a bevy of events at Anime Expo 2019! The story of Alita entering a new world as she attempts to discover her past and find a home with those around her offered a feature film that blended the anime's unique events with Hollywood cgi magic. While not necessarily a massive "scorcher" at the box office, the film hit home with fans and received a solid critical reception.

Online source Anime News Network dropped the news that Alita would be hitting the Anime Expo and offering fans a number of different events to take part in to re-enter this futuristic cyberpunk universe:

The events being held at Anime Expo include an exhibit that will display original props and costumes used in the film as part of the convention's "Manga Lounge". It will also allow fans to read the original Battle Angel Alita manga that inspired the events of the film. To also "whet fans' whistles", artist Cloe Hakakian will be painting a unique Alita: Battle Angel mural that will incorporate AR technology and costumes to be amazingly interactive.

A cosplay meet-up will also be promoted as part of the festivities to take place on July 6th, with fans of Alita: Battle Angel being given the opportunity to show off their cosplay in the cyberpunk vein. Famous Alita cosplayers will also be ready to meet fans at this exclusive event.

The movie ended on something of an anti-climactic note, with a sequel seemingly being set up by revealing the identity of the main villain in the final minutes with no resolution. We personally would love to see Alita return to movie theaters across the world and hope that this event is able to add some additional fire to the furnace that is fan anticipation.

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Battle Angel Alita (known as GUNNM in Japan) was originally created by Yukito Kishiro for Shueisha's Weekly Business Jump in 1990. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future and follows Alita, a cyborg who is found in a garbage heap by a doctor and rebuilt. Completely devoid of her memory, all she has to cling to is a legendary cyborg martial art known as Panzer Kunst. With this knowledge, Alita decides to become a bounty hunter. The series has since been licensed for an English language release by Viz Media, and collected into nine volumes.