Magical Girl Manga Creator To Compete In 'Ninja Warrior'

When it comes to magical girls, you probably don’t tie the shojo heroines to ninja warriors. [...]

When it comes to magical girls, you probably don't tie the shojo heroines to ninja warriors. However, thanks to one creator, it seems that wall separating the two is being torn down.

Recently, fans learned the man behind Magical Girl Site is both ripped and ready to become a decorated ninja warrior. The artist took to Twitter to reveal his toned body to fans, and Kentaro Sato took things even further by confirming his appearance on Ninja Warrior. (via ANN)

And yeah — with abs like that, fans are thinking Sato will rock the obstacle course with all the grace Sailor Moon ever could.

As you can see above, the artist did blur out his face to keep a shred of privacy. Still, he made sure to show off his ripped abdomen to fans, and Sato's arms can be seen peeking out as well. The photo was accompanied with a caption confirming he'll be appearing on Ninja Warrior in Japan, and he'll be donning a shirt with '47' on the back.

As it turns out, Ninja Warrior will be hosting a special episode on New Year's Eve, and this is the one Sato is competing in. The TV series will air a new episode comprised of 100 contestants total, and the Magical Girl Site creator is one of them.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sato, the man may want to be a ninja warrior, but he is an artist before all. He launched Magical Girl Site back in July 2013, and the horror title went on to pique interest everywhere. These days, Magical Girl Site is being published in Weekly Shonen Champion, and Seven Seas Entertainment licenses the title in the U.S. for readers. Recently, the series even got an anime which was streamed via Amazon Prime, and you can read up more on the fan-favorite title below:


Asagiri Aya has a difficult life. The middle school girl the target of cruel bullying at school by day, and violent abuse at home by night. One day, while surfing the web, she came across a creepy figure who granted her a gift of magic power…"