Anime Fanatic Kills Parents Over Marathon Interruption

A new report from Japan has gone live detailing a truly heinous crime committed by a die-hard [...]

A new report from Japan has gone live detailing a truly heinous crime committed by a die-hard anime fan. Junji Matsumoto, a 59-year-old man in Fukuoka, has been taken into custody after admitting to the murder of his parents. The man says he killed his mother and father after growing frustrated by their needs, and things boiled over during a recent marathon of theirs.

According to local reports, Matsumoto is believed to have killed his mother and father on the night of June 20. Outlets like The Tokyo Reporter confirmed the suspect was the caretaker for his parents, Hirokazu (87) and Makie (88). The elders were living on their pensions and had mobility issues prompting them to require wheelchairs. Of course, the two also needed assistance for daily tasks, and Matsumoto says he snapped one evening when his father asked for help using the restroom.

"It was bothersome that whenever I watched anime, my parents interrupted me," the suspect told authorities. "I couldn't stand it."

"During a good scene in an anime, my father repeatedly called for me to take care of him. Because he complained about me, I killed him."

Matsumoto is said to have killed his father after being interrupted before doing the same to his mother. The man then fled his family home days later on June 23 after hiding the bodies in a taped fridge. Matsumoto went on to travel across Japan in hopes of throwing off authorities, but law enforcement caught up to the man in Kyoto.

The police were notified and brought in to the case once a relative discovered Matsumoto wasn't reachable. Authorities arrived at the home to find the bodies sealed up, and the suspect was located on July 5. Currently, the case is under active investigation, and this come after Matsumoto confessed to strangling his parents to death. Japan does not often use the death penalty in murder trails, but it does exist. If Matsumoto is convicted, he could spend up to life in prison.

What do you think of this disturbing report? Our thoughts are with the victims' loved ones during this time.

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