Attack On Titan Animator Resurfaces with Viral Star Wars Reel

Attack On Titan is heading for a big year, with the final season of the anime beginning later this fall as well as the manga wrapping up in 2020 to boot. With so much groundswell about the final adventures of Eren Jaeger and his friends in the Survey Corps, fans of the series are attempting to discover anything linked to the franchise that might not have been seen before. Recently, fans managed to come across an animation clip from Attack On Titan animator, Arifumi Imai, that recreates one of the biggest lightsaber duels of Star Wars, with Obi Wan pitting his skills against Darth Maul!

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace may not be considered to be one of the greatest movies in the series, with many considering it in fact to the be the worst, but it can't be denied that the fight that takes place between Obi Wan Kenobi, Qui Gonn Jinn, and Darth Maul toward the tail end of the movie remains one of the most impressive fight scenes of the franchise. The amazingly choreographed fight, accompanied by John Williams' Duel Of The Fates track, started the prequel trilogy off with a bang, though unfortunately the films failed to deliver on fan expectations when they wrapped.

Reddit User WJ7_02 shared this amazing animation from animator Arifumi Imai, who hasn't just lent his amazing abilities to the anime series of Attack On Titan, but also several other series that have recently been considered to be some of the greatest franchises in the medium within recent memory:

Obi-Wan Vs Maul Animation By Arifumi Imai from r/StarWars

Arifumi, as mentioned earlier, isn't just known for his work on Attack On Titan, but also with animation in One-Punch Man, Naruto: Shippuden, Pokemon Generations, and Vinland Saga to name a few. Besides working on Eastern properties, Imai has also worked on a project involving DC's The Dark Knight, aka Batman, with his work on the animated movie, Batman: Gotham Knight!


Darth Maul, since appearing in the Phantom Menace, has carved his way into the minds of the fandom, recently appearing in the live action side story of Solo: A Star Wars Story. With the recent release of the new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, expect to see even more of Maul in the future!

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