Attack on Titan Cosplay Breathes Life Into Eren's Post-Timeskip Look

Attack on Titan knows what it takes to get fans going, and the series was prepared for how fans would react to its time skip this season. After all, the show's fourth and final season takes place years after its most recent finale, so our heroes are in very different places. That is why fans were left to swoon over Eren Yeager, and one person took things to the next level by cosplaying the soldier.

Over on Instagram, Noah Lance (angry_jaeger) felt it was time to bring Eren's older look to life. The grungy cosplay perfectly suits Eren as he appears during the start of season four, and fans know his look is only going to change by the show's end.

As you can see above, the cosplay shows the fan in a long brunette wig that is styled just like Eren's in the anime. With some thick brows on display, Eren seems as if they were plucked from Attack on Titan. From their white tunic to their facial hair, this entire cosplay is on point, so you love to see it.

Of course, Eren won't keep this look for long. Attack on Titan season four has more to do with Eren than to keep him an undercover agent. In the show's most recent episode, fans bore witness to Eren's dark side as he led an ambush on Marley. The nation came under attack after it swore to wipe out all Titans, but the Survey Corps will not let that happen so easily. Eren made that sentiment known by transforming into the Attack Titan after blowing his cover. It won't be long until Eren gets a new look in the wake of this reveal, so here's to hoping cosplayers like Lance continue to do the soldier justice.

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