'Attack On Titan' Anime Fan-Art Nails Eren's Older Look

Attack on Titan’s anime made its long-awaited comeback this year when its second season dropped [...]

Attack on Titan's anime made its long-awaited comeback this year when its second season dropped in April. The show promised fans the wait for season three would not take very long, but it seems one fan couldn't take it any longer. After all, a spot-on piece of fan-art of Eren is now making its way around the net.

Over on Reddit, user /tbdunn13 shared a piece of artwork from Deviant Art which shows Eren's older form. The hero is seen at 19-years-old after Attack on Titan's second time-skip. The Titan Shifter looks notably older than how Eren does in the anime currently, and his long hair is a far cry from his style right now.

Of course, readers of the Attack on Titan manga will be familiar with this look. Eren adopted this aesthetic for the on-going 'Marley' arc. Hajime Isayam gave Eren long locks, minimal facial hair, and a sallow appearance to help him infiltrate the enemy territory.

[MANGA SPOILERS] [Colored] The amputee, but like the anime. from ShingekiNoKyojin

After the Survey Corps stumbled upon the ocean in the 'Return to Shiganshina' arc, Eren has been waiting to get to Marley. The boy finally gets there in 854 when the soldier infiltrates the country disguised as an Eldian soldier. Seen an a war amputee, Eren is treated in a Marley fort and begins to suss out the territory's military. Recently, Eren found himself face-to-face with Reiner Braun after tricking an acquaintance to introduce the Armored Titan to him. Fans are still waiting to see what the encounter's fallout will be, but they are not expecting it to be a peaceful one.

So far, there's no word on when Wit Studio will actually bring Eren's older self to life in the anime. When season three debuts next year, fans anticipate it to cover only part of the 'Return to Shiganshina' arc if any, so the soldier's ages aesthetic is still a few years out.

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