Attack on Titan Episode 83 Synopsis Released

Attack on Titan riled fans up last weekend with its big new chapter, and it seems that the anime isn't ready to back down. After all, season four will be the show's last outing, and there is still a lot of ground to cover before the finale airs. Now, we know a bit more of what's to come in episode 83 this weekend, and we have a brand-new synopsis to thank for the preview.  

The official Attack on Titan website updated fans on episode 83 not long ago when its schedule page refreshed. It was there fans were shown a still from the Attack on Titan episode, and the following synopsis was made public to boot:

"An army of advancing Titans will crush the unsuspecting world soon. Will all its soldiers and warriors looking towards them stand still or rise up? The feelings of two such soldiers in the forest are already set in stone."

(Photo: MAPPA)

As you can see above, the still included for episode 83 is telling. It shows Connie and Falco as Attack on Titan did just send the pair on their own little quest. Connie has lured Falco on a mission away from everyone else, and anime-only fans know nothing good can come from the quest. After all, Connie isn't in the best headspace right now, and Falco isn't aware of the danger his senior poses right now.

Of course, Attack on Titan readers know what's up exactly. After learning Falco inherited the Jaw Titan, Connie becomes obsessed with feeding the boy to his mom back in his home village. The messy exchange puts Connie at his lowest, but Falco is saved by Armin who puts together his friend's plan. All of this goes down while Eren leads his Colossal Titan army into Marley with genocide on the mind. So if you were hoping for a reprieve anytime soon, don't expect season four to give one up. 

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