Attack on Titan Is Revealing the Horrifying Fallout of the Rumbling

Attack on Titan has begun diving into the immediate fallout of Eren Yeager's activation of the Rumbling with the newest episode of the series! The fourth and final season of the series is now speeding towards its grand finale, and that means that fans are now seeing the remnants of humanity scramble as they come to terms with the fact that Eren now seeks to destroy the rest of the world with the Founding Titan's power. This has caught not only Mikasa and the others in the middle of the chaos, but many innocent people across the island as well.

While Eren had initially activated the Rumbling with the explicit purpose of destroying the rest of the world outside of the island of Paradis, it seems like there are many of those same Eldians being caught in the chaos. As the walls broke around the town, it led to a number of deaths and injuries that are only the first sign of much more death and genocide to come. It really starts to cement the weight of what Eren activating the Rumbling actually means for the grand finale of the series. 

Episode 82 of Attack on Titan shifts the perspective a bit and focuses on some of the other members of the Scout Regiment, and with it fans get a better look at how those inside of the walls are reacting to the Rumbling. While there are those in support of what Eren has done because it means Eldia's enemies in the rest of the world will be eliminated, there are just as many who are against it because of all of the inflicted violence and death that the Rumbling has already caused for them. 

Because while they were not in danger from the Rumbling themselves, the episode highlights that the rubble from the walls themselves (along with the previous mass of Titans attacking before) have led to the death of those Eren was purporting to save. He might have some good intentions deep down, but if it wasn't clear before, violence on such a massive scale can only lead to the destruction of those who inflict it. 

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