Attack on Titan: Here's the Exact Time Season 4 Premieres

The moment we have all been waiting for is just on the horizon, Attack on Titan fans. It has been several years since the series first made its way to television, and the beginning of its end will kickstart today. The show's fourth and final season plans to go live today as millions of fans prepare a long goodbye to Eren and his friends. Of course, Attack on Titan will debut in Japan shortly before making its way to audiences overseas, so we are here to inform you of the exact time this season four premiere will be made available statesid.e

Both Funimation and Crunchyroll have announced fans will be able to tune into the premiere of Attack on Titan's final season on Sunday, December 6th at 12:45PM PST/ 2:45 CST. This will be the English subtitled release of the series on both platforms, but Funimation has confirmed the SimulDub release of the series will begin at a later date.

Attack On Titan Eren Jaeger Freedom
(Photo: Wit Studio)

Funimation confirmed that Attack on Titan's final season will be releasing through FunimationNOW for fans in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Crunchyroll confirmed fans in the following territories will be able to stream the series: U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, LATAM, Middle East (UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria, Yamen, State of Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, Gaza Strip and Palestine) and Russia.

Crunchyroll describes Attack on Titan's final season as such, "It's been four years since the Scout Regiment reached the shoreline, and the world looks different now. Things are heating up as the fate of the Scout Regiment—and the people of Paradis—are determined at last. However, Eren is missing. Will he reappear before age-old tensions between Marleyans and Eldians result in the war of all wars?"

The fourth and final season of Attack on Titan has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year, but it's also the one fans know the least about going in. But now that the final season's premiere is nearly here, fans now have the exact premiere time and date to start the final ride of the series.


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