Attack on Titan Season 4 Poster Previews the Armored Titan's New Look

Attack on Titan is just a few days away from its comeback, and fans are more eager than ever to see season four. This final season has been a long time coming, and curiosity is peaking for the show now that it is being handled by a new studio. MAPPA was handed the reigns after WIT Studio felt it was time to bow out from the series. And to celebrate the show's debut, a poster for Attack on Titan has gone live featuring the Armored Titan.

The artwork surfaced in Japan as the show's production committee began promoting Attack on Titan in earnest. The series is slated to debut this weekend, and it will pick up where season three's massive cliffhanger wrapped. And based on this new poster, fans can expect to see the Armored Titan before long.

As you can see above, the Armored Titan looks as tough as ever under MAPPA's care. The massive giant is seen kneeling down with an arm on one of its knees. Steam is shown rising from the Armored Titan as well, and its white eyes are narrowed in this shot as the best looks ahead. It goes without saying that the Titan is terrifying, and fans are impressed at how well this CGI rendition looks.

After all, CGI can be quite a controversial tool in anime. Series like Berserk gave the art style a bad name, but Attack on Titan has used CGI before. In fact, the series has often brought its Titans to life using CGI in some way. Now, MAPPA has found its way of incorporating CGI into the series, and fans admit it looks great.

Now, the only question that remains is how the rest of the season looks. Attack on Titan readers know how packed season four will be. A major war is looming for our heroes, and it will be more chaotic than we imagined. And if anyone can do that action justice, well - we certainly hope that it is MAPPA.


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