Attack on Titan Creator Outs the Biggest Request He Made of the Anime

Attack on Titan's anime run will be officially coming to an end with the final part of the final season next year, but with the manga ending some time ago, the original creator behind it all opened up about the biggest request he had made for the anime adaptation. Series creator Hajime Isayama officially ended the manga's run last year, and notably made some changes to the final moments a bit after the manga's final chapter hit shelves. One can imagine that it's been a period of reflection for the creator as the anime is ending too. 

As part of the celebration for Attack on Titan's grand finale, original series creator Hajime Isayama attended a special panel at Anime NYC and opened up about his experiences since the manga came to an end. Revealing more about the reactions to the manga in the year since, and speaking to Anime News Network, Isayama revealed that he wanted something that was "a very difficult request" in which he "felt really bad" about later.

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What Did Attack on Titan's Creator Want From the Anime? 

When asked if there were any story adjustments he wanted made for the anime adaptation, Isayama revealed that he wanted the anime team to improve the 3D maneuver gear. "One example, I can think of is when Attack on Titan became an anime series," Isayama began. "[W]hen they introduced the vertical maneuvering equipment, I wanted the design to be more improved by the time it became an anime. That was a request that I had put to the anime team." 

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But as Isayama later relayed, it was a request he later felt bad about, "Later I realized that was a very difficult request that I have put in and I felt really bad later." If there's one thing the anime grabbed people's attention with early on, it was the maneuver gear. It all worked out in the end, and fans are hoping that Attack on Titan Final Season: Part 3 can do it all over again and stick the landing with its final episodes. 

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