Attack on Titan Teams Up with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for Titanic Crossover

Armin has always been one of the most essential soldiers in the Scout Regiment within Attack on Titan, with the final season not just seeing him take the role of Commander Erwin as the brains of the operation, but also wielding the power of the Colossal Titan. Now, the Eldian soldier has received a hilarious makeover as one artist has imagined what Armin might look like if he first appeared in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure under the pen of Hirohiko Araki.             

Though Armin is the new Colossal Titan, we've only witnessed the brains of the Survey Corps transform once, with the young soldier being forced to access the transformation while Eren attacked the nation of Marley. On top of giving Armin a form that is one of the biggest of the Titans, the transformation also creates something akin to a nuclear explosion, blowing away nearby targets but also causing some serious collateral damage in the process. With the Scouts having to pick up their swords once again in a bid to defeat their former friend Eren, expect Armin to take on the Colossal Titan form once again before the series takes a bow.

Reddit User New_Epic_Artist shared this hilarious crossover that imagines Armin in his final season look standing in front of his Colossal Titan form, imagining the transformation as a Stand you might see one of the Joestars wield in the anime series that has been weaving its story for decades:

Attack on Titan x JoJo's Bizarre Adventure | Fanart by me from ShingekiNoKyojin

Attack on Titan has been tight-lipped regarding how the series will come to an end, with the final season only having one episode left in the second half of its fourth season. With there being plenty of material left to cover in the manga, fans are betting that Attack on Titan's panel at this weekend's Anime Japan might reveal that MAPPA is currently working on a movie that will give us the final fight between Eren Jaeger and the Scouts. 

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