Attack on Titan Reveals a Big Secret About the Female Titan

Attack on Titan has spent a lot of its time talking about its Titans, and there are quite a few to discuss. From powered Titans to the most common of monsters, the series has dozens of Titans to research at this point. Sadly, little discussion has been had about the Female Titan thanks to Annie's long hibernation. But thanks to a recent update, fans were told something very important about the Titan that we needed to know.

The revelation came with the most recent chapter of Attack on Titan. Fans got to the end of chapter 133 where they met up with Annie as she sailed away to safety. She was joined shortly by the Titan recruits, and Falco asks a surprising question of Annie.

"You said the Female Titan can mimic another Titan's power by taking in a part of them, right?"

(Photo: Wit Studio)

Annie confirms as much is true, saying, "The Female didn't really have anything special, so we just experimented to hell."

As you can see, this is not a fact fans were ever told before. In fact, fans mostly assumed the only difference between the Female Titans and regular fodder was her intelligence and body shape. It seems that is not the case as Annie's Titan can take on attributes of other Powered Titans for a short while.


While it isn't clear how Annie absorbs the power, it seems she can do so by encountering one of the Powered Titans. This is huge as Annie could assume characteristics of the Attack Titan, Jaw Titan, Colossal Titan or more. This revelation is a game-changer for the upcoming battle. And now that Falco has discovered his ability to fly, Annie and he have a direct way to the frontlines.

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