Attack on Titan Takes Eren's Titan Power to the Next Level

Attack on Titan's final arc has seen Eren Yeager steadily grow into the final antagonist of the series, and the newest chapter has taken his Titan power to the next level as he nears the end of his total world destruction. Now that Eren has set his sights on the ridding the entire world of everything outside of Paradis, he has unlocked a gross new form after bonding with the power of the Founding Titan completely. To coincide with this new form, the newest chapter of the series has taken his power to the next level with a startling reveal.

Chapter 133 of the series sees Eren contact the remaining survivors from the Survey Corps as they continue running from the rumbling of the Wall Titans. It's here that Eren explains why he is seeking out to destroy the world regardless of how much his former friends are protesting, and it's here that it's revealed how much the Coordinate ability has taken him to another level.

Contacting his former allies for one final time, Mikasa and the others emerge in the Coordinate space once more. It's here that Eren confirms that he is seeking to take away the "freedoms" of the rest of the world. While he won't directly harm his former friends, he's not going to stop himself from fighting them should they decide to interfere with his plan.

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(Photo: Kodansha)

Showcasing just how far he's fallen into his grief, rage, and drive for vengeance, the chapter reveals that he's actually become just like Ymir within this Founding Titan's coordinate space. He's become a young child once more, but like how Ymir has been seen in this space before, Eren's childlike form has no eyes or truly discernible details. It's cementing how he's make the full leap from his humanity into Titanhood.


He has truly become one with the Founding Titan's power, and this has given him total and complete control over where the future is heading next. He implies that he knows he will clash with his former allies, but hopefully the world is not as doomed as he thinks it's going to be.

How do you feel about Eren becoming the final villain of the Attack on Titan series? Do you think Mikasa and the others will be able to fight back against his overwhelming power? What can they even do now that he's truly become like Ymir and the Founding Titan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!