Attack on Titan to Sell Season 4 Face Masks Soon

Attack on Titan is set to make a comeback this winter with season four, and fans are growing more hyped for the premiere by the day. After a slight delay, the show promises to bring the anime's story to a satisfying close, and it has started a full march forward with merch. Given the pandemic, it was only a matter of time until Attack on Titan face masks became a thing, and some officially licensed pieces have been revealed ahead of season four's release.

Thanks to Van Nuys, the company has teamed up with Attack on Titan to create some official face masks. There are currently two face masks being made in honor of season four, and each will come with a dedicated pouch for travel.

You can check out the two masks below if you'd like. Both of the pieces are made out of a durable yet soft canvas blend with a brown lining. The pieces also come with reinforced ear loops made out of thick black elastic.

The mask on top is made out of a sage green material and features a patch sewn into the side. The tag reads Survey Corps and features the army's crest to the side. As for the bottom mask, it has a tan color along with a matching black-and-white tag that reads Attack on Titan.

As for the pouches, the black sleeves are simple with open tops. They have tags on them that match the ones sewn into the mask. The only difference is their colors as one tag is green and the other tan respectively.


Currently, the price point for these Attack on Titan masks is unknown, but Van Nuys has other face masks for sale online. The Japanese company has a variety of masks for sale along with rucksacks, messenger bags, wallets, watches, and more.

What do you think about these face masks? Would you care to rock this Survey Corps piece? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.