Attack On Titan Levels Our Heroes with Reiner's Past as a Double Agent

The latest chapter of Attack On Titan's manga didn't simply show how much closer the new Survey Corps is in relation to stopping the nefarious machinations of Eren Jaeger and his "Euthanasia Plan", it further solidified the relationship with Eren's former friends and the one time double agent in Reiner as the soldiers realized that they might have more in common than they thought. Though Reiner has done some horrifying things in the past of the dark anime franchise, he is working to redeem himself and save the people of Marley from the "Rumbling" that is currently threatening to eradicate them under foot!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Attack On Titan's manga, Chapter 133, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for the franchise's fourth season!

As the new version of the Survey Corps travels in an effort to stop Eren from his murderous rampage, they have a quiet moment to chat among themselves and realize that Reiner has had a pretty tough life. Being indoctrinated by the nation of Marley, Reiner inherited the powers of the Armored Titan and used them in order to cause nothing but pain to the Eldian people. With the latest chapters of the manga seeing Reiner teaming up with the former friends that he worked against, it seems that all parties have come to a point where they realize that they aren't so different.

Attack On Titan Manga
(Photo: Kodansha)

Reiner's redemption arc during the final act of the manga has certainly helped us explore his character, with the Armored Titan struggling with the past actions he took in the name of Marley as well as what his future holds. As the likes of Connie, Armin, Mikasa, and the others realize that the acts of war that they took aren't so different from Reiner's they realize that the best way to move forward is through forgiveness all around!


When Eren takes the opportunity to visit his friends once again, Jaeger states that he won't be using his power of the Founding Titan to control his friends, but rather, wants them to hold onto their freedom and potentially stop his plan of eliminating the nation of Marley by using the power of the Rumbling!

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